TREXPL is a sustainable agricultural organization incorporated in 2018 with a goal to ensure food safety and security across the globe. With over 35 years of experience in clinically proven natural alternatives for therapeutic applications, we specialize in Ayurvedic and herbal formulations from India. We are a fast-growing manufacturer and exporter of high-quality 100% natural Coccidiostat, Ayurvedic growth promoters, Gastrointestinal care, liver tonics, antioxidants, vitamins, toxin-binders, and other feed additives for livestock and poultry.

We believe in traditional and domestic Seeds for sustainable cultivation of our herbs and plants for ingredients. Responsibly procured wild Himalayan herbs found at different altitudes are used in some of our specialised products.

Products are free from harmful residue of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic growth enhancers and do not have resistance unlike synthetic drugs. Our products are available in both powder and liquid form, making them easy to use with minimal equipment.

TREXPL relies on the therapeutic properties of Ayurvedic medicinal ingredients and herbs for growth, prevention, and cure. We have strong logistics partnerships for reasonably cheaper, smoother, faster deliveries. Our personalized customer service ensures the satisfaction of each of our valuable clients. TREXPL-VetRx® products are approved for use for all animal species as per the European feed law guidelines and labeled accordingly.


Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh is a seasoned horticulturist with extensive knowledge of Plant Nomenclature, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Animal Biochemistry. With over 35 years of experience, recognized time after time by the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) for technology modules in agriculture and allied enterprises, Department of Horticulture & Food Processing (DHFP) for promotion, training, and facilitation of Horticulture and Self-reliance government and non-government programs especially in the rural areas of India to empower women and youth of the country, The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for coordinating, guiding, managing research and education in agriculture in the entire region under the aegis of Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare for exceptional agricultural produce in terms of breed selection, quality, yield/acre, inter-cropping and companion plantation with minimal or no use of chemicals. He has been in highlights in National newspapers numerous times for his contribution to water conservation, alternative methods, experimentation, and initiatives in the field of Agriculture.

What makes him an exceptional leader:

  • 35 years of first-hand experience in Agriculture and allied activities
  • Scientific ties with all agricultural research institutes in India
  • Community service at rural and regional levels integrating more than 30 village communities
  • Cooperative societies of small and marginal farmers in India
  • Simplicity and humble character

Primary focus:

  • Achieve 100% organic produce used in the manufacturing of compound feed enriched with herbs.
  • Water conservation and management of other resources at our farms.
  • Environment conservation & Ecological balance with a fair share of Flora, Fauna, and humans.
  • Soil conservation and development with Permaculture Principals of building Live Soil at our partner farms.
  • Eradicate the use of chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, GMO seeds, and dependency on underground water.
  • Employment opportunities in rural India.
Mr. Harsh V. Singh

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Singh is an avid nature lover and conservationist. Inspired by the co-existence of natural systems and the interdependency of various functions involved in a process, he maintains a high level of quality – from manufacturing to shipping. His focuses are Research, Manufacturing, Business Operations, Logistics, Client Service Management, Clinical Trials, Field Trials & Expansion. He studied commerce at the prestigious educational institution Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

What makes him instrumental in the herbal feed additives business:

  • Entrepreneurial and managerial skills
  • Partnerships with Agriculture Universities and Researchers for conducting Clinal and Field trials
  • Strong understanding and relationships in Logistics
  • International market exposer and client building skills in countries like India, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania
  • Trained Permaculture practitioner instrumental to sustainable production
  • Proficient in designing natural systems like rainwater-harvesting systems, organic farming, vermicompost, poly orchards, micro food-processing units, and seed banks.
  • Love for machines and understanding of the latest techniques in manufacturing

Primary goals:

  • Promote the use of herbal feed ingredients to improve animal health, food safety & security
  • To bring in a paradigm shift with Ayurvedic and scientific approaches to better understand the use of herbs as feed ingredients to target the needs of large-scale commercial animal husbandry 
  • Increase market share of natural additives/concentrates for healthier final products
  • Increase India’s market share in herbal feed research & development, manufacturing, and supply
  • Inclusion of small farmers in the macro vision of manufacturing 100% organic feed concentrates for compound feed
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices with the setup of natural integrated infrastructure; resource management based on Permaculture principles
  • Promote regenerative living within the world community